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Join the best in the world.

We take pride in offering only the highest quality, most practical, and life-changing educational sessions, clinics, workshops, and performances for our attendees.

Our presenters are the best in their field and hail from across the globe. They are also tech-savvy and have a strong desire to help other music educators.

If you feel you fit in with this crowd, we invite you to submit your proposal to present.

On the fence? Consider this…

• You’ll get recognized as a leader in music education around the globe.

• You can add ‘International Presenter’ to your resume.

• Your session will continue to be viewed in the Archives for more than a year after the live event…it just keeps on giving.

• You get to have that warm, happy feeling that you’re helping other music educators

• You get a comp registration for the Summit so you get all those sweet, sweet PD credits, too. For free.

• You get a coupon code to share with all of your music educator friends and colleagues so they can get the Summit, too, at a sizable discount.

• You get a bunch of custom-made images to share so people know you’re presenting.

• Did we mention the bragging rights?

• You get all the training you need to present confidently, and we handle most of the logistics for you.

• You get to save a massive amount of money and time compared to in-person conferences: NO registration fee, NO membership fee, NO travel expenses!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer any financial compensation for presenting?

A. We do not offer financial compensation for presenting at this time. If you are connected with a company that does compensate you for speaking, we are happy to do the paperwork for you. We provide lots of other perks.

Q. I’ve never presented online. Is it hard?

A. Presenting online has its own challenges, but we will train you so that you will come away from the experience with a whole new skill set. We will teach you how to create a meaningful experience for your attendees, and how to present no matter what your subject matter. The #1 thing you need that we cannot provide is a really fast and reliable internet connection. If you have that, everything else is a breeze.

Q. Is the IMES truly international?

A. Yes! We have attendees from all over North America, and also from as far away as Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Chile, Indonesia, and across Europe. It’s one of the most rad things about what we do.

Q. Do I have to be available during the Live Event?

A. Yes. Even if we decide your session might work best if we pre-record it, we still require you to be available to answer questions, and engage your students during your presentation time. We expect you to also be active in the private Facebook group for the Summit. That being said, we don’t limit where you can be. We’ve had presenters join in from other conferences, a cruise ship, and while on a kayak trip. As long as you have a robust internet connection, you’ll be able to be in attendance.

Q. Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

A. Elisa is always on call to answer your questions and support you. She can be reached via email at Elisa@MusicEdSummit.org, or you can friend her on Facebook. Working with Elisa is one of the highlights of the Summit experience, according to past presenters.

As a veteran teacher, I struggle to find relevant and meaningful professional development. This summer I have to renew my license and needed some additional hours, but wasn't finding much that interested me. Someone mentioned the IMES in one of my Facebook groups and I decided to check it out. The premise was intriguing, the sessions looked interesting, and the price was right! I gave it a try and found engaging clinicians and pertinent topics--I was hooked. I will absolutely be back next summer for the 2nd annual IMES! Thank you for providing an opportunity for music teachers from all over the world to connect and learn together.

- Beth Polan, 9-12 High School Vocal Teacher from Ohio