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Virtual Honor Band | Presented by SmartMusic

A Collaboration of Students Creating Music Together

Band students from around the world are invited to join in the IMES Virtual Honor Band. They’ll learn their part, participate in virtual rehearsals, and submit their performance to be blended and mixed to create a piece of work completely new.


November 30, 2019

You Have Questions, We Have Answers


Q. What is the audition process like?

After students sign up [at the bottom of this page], you’ll receive an email with a link to the audition music. If you don’t receive an email, check your promotions and spam folder. You’ll also receive instructions on how to sign up for SmartMusic, which you’ll use to practice and submit your audition music.

Q. What are the audition selections?

You will be able to choose from 3 different audition pieces. Each piece has a different level of difficulty. Choose whichever piece you’ll be able to practice and play to the best of your ability. We would rather hear an easier piece played cleanly than a difficult piece played with a lot of mistakes. If you need help choosing a piece to play, ask your band director or private lesson teacher.

Q. How do I submit my audition?

You will submit your audition piece through SmartMusic.

Q. When is the audition deadline?

November 30, 2019


Q. How do virtual rehearsals work?

You will have virtual rehearsals twice per month January-April. Students can log into virtual rehearsals from anywhere with internet access on a tablet or computer. Rehearsals will be conducted in Zoom. More information will be available after audition results are announced.

Q. How many students will be accepted for each section?

Since we’re not limited to rehearsing in a physical space, there won’t be any limits on how many students are accepted into the Virtual Honor Band.

Q. What is the rehearsal schedule?

Tuesday January 14th

Tuesday February 11th

Tuesday March 10th

Tuesday April 21st


Thursday January 30th

Thursday February 27th

Thursday March 26th

Students will have until May 1st to do their final recording.


Q. How much does participating in the Virtual Honor Band Cost?

Participating is totally 100% free! In fact, you get access to SmartMusic once you sign up, so it’s almost like you’re getting free stuff to participate.

Q. Who can audition for the Virtual Honor Band?

Any student age 13 or older who is participating in an instrumental program in school or takes private lessons can audition.

Q. What are the technical requirements to participate?

Students must have access to a computer or tablet, internet connection, and a webcam in order to access SmartMusic and participate in virtual rehearsals.

Q. Am I required to submit this form with an email address?

Yes, you will need to provide a student or parent/guardian email address.

Virtual Honor Band Registration

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