Discount Codes

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Discount Codes

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You know what people love? Free money.

Be the hero to your audience, your customers, and your contacts by giving them money back in their pocket. Drive conversions by building the relationship with a custom discount code.

We make it easy.

STEP 1: We create a custom discount code for your organization

STEP 2: You share your custom code to your audience via social media, email, or however you like

STEP 3: They use the code to save $$$ on their registration

STEP 4: They love you

Did we mention it will cost you exactly no cash? Nothin’ to loose and all to gain.

Add to your sponsorship package
  • Coupon code will be for at least 10% off of registration

  • Limitations: code will only be good for the 2020 live event(s) and Archives/On-Demand sessions up to a certain date.

  • We will provide images you may use to share your coupon code.

  • If you have any special requests, we will try to facilitate them. Just ask. Because we love you.